4 Efficient Ways to Improve Digital Signage Inventory Management

In any business, there is always a ton to organize ─ payrolls, finances, every day timetables, stock, etc. It’s imperative to use efficient business tools to keep order. Luckily, there is astounding content and stock administration tools  for programmable LED sign owners such as Ignite OA to make digital display effective. Here’s some quick tips on content organization that will help streamline the work process and spare profitable time for deals.

  1. When identifying advertising media for your scrolling LED sign, utilize a framework that is appropriate for you. But consider how you’ll need to find that media as well when required. The more noticeable the name of the media, the better. By keeping away from non specific or ambiguous naming terms, you’ll have a less time discovering media later.
  1. Make sure to organize default media similarly. Whether you’ll occupy unsold spots with PSAs for neighborhood associations or self-promos, you’ll need to keep them spruced up for paying clients. Ignite OA enables you to modify the presentation rate for every bit of default media so you control how regularly these messages can be watched in open spots.
  1. Campaigns are best labeled with the advertisers represented. Complex campaign names could make creating basic reports troublesome. Remember, while scheduled running media spots will display on scrolling LED signs, older spots in the campaign go to archive by eliminating them from the schedule. Moreover, tags are helpful for further search options.
  1. Use the notes segment in Ignite to enter your internal accounts for every advertiser. This makes easy for you to cross-reference billing against Ignite.


Find a way to classify your advertisers, media and campaign, and streamline the elements of Ignite OA to your programmable LED sign. You’ll be able to track and record the accomplishment of your business more adequately.

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